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                      • Ancient Prescriptions from Classic Scriptures
                        The Prescription for Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid originate from "Treatise on Febrile Diseases",  China's first clinically proven Medical monographs, written by Zhang Zhongjing of the estern Han Dynasty.
                      • An ancient TCM modernized to fight Influenza
                        Ranked as 1 of Top 3 TCM drug for treatment of cold and flu, XPH uses naturally sourced herbs to manufacture this easy to administer sweet oral liquid that's suitable for children to use.
                      Digitalization of the Full Industrialized Process
                      • Traceability of Crude Medicine
                        Traceability of Crude Medicine
                        All key ingredients, such as the Isatis Roots, Forsythia suspense, Patchouli, and Acorus tatarinowii; comes from XPH's GAP plantations where we use fresh processing techniques to ensure top quality of all raw and proccess herbs.
                      • Production and Distribution
                        Production and Distribution
                        XPH abides by strict GMP standards to ensure a controlled and quality production process witch impliment top of the class extraction production management systems. Use of inclusion, microwave disinfection and sterilization technologies to retain the volatility and quality of XPH antiviral oral liquid.
                      • Standardized Q&A
                        Standardized Q&A
                        The first enterprise to utilize TCM Fingerprinting technology for quality control of oral chinese patent medicine production, abiding by fingerprint standards higher than those in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia to control the quality of products.
                      • Safety Monitoring
                        Safety Monitoring
                        XPH is the first company to complete safety research for 10,000+ cases of oral anti-viral TCM. No serious adverse reactions occurred in all cases. The safety of Xiangxue oral antiviral liquid for children, adults, and elderly is well studied and proven.
                      • Therapeutic Benifit
                        Therapeutic Benifit
                        Completed Phase IV multi-center, large-sample, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study where our evidence-based medicine evaluation method proved the effectiveness and safety of XPH's TCM for the treatment of influenza.

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